Cold van rental services provide businesses with a refrigerated van that is equipped with a refrigeration unit to transport perishable goods at a controlled temperature.

We provide a range of van sizes to meet the needs of different businesses, from small vans for local deliveries to larger vans for long-distance transport. Our vans are well-maintained, and the refrigeration units are regularly serviced to ensure that they function properly and maintain the desired temperature.

We ensure that the van remains in good working condition throughout the rental period and also try to ensure that the goods arrive at their destination fresh and safe for consumption, while also reducing food waste and increasing the efficiency of the supply chain.

We also provide regular maintenance and cleaning of the trucks to ensure that they remain in good working condition and are hygienic for transporting food or pharmaceuticals.

Chiller Truck Company is reliable in terms of on-time delivery and maintaining the quality of the transported goods.

You can easily book a chiller truck rental and transport your perishable goods safely and efficiently.

Contact us today to book your cold van rental and transport your perishable goods with ease and peace of mind.